Again? (TSATC Chaos)

This is the second time I have had trouble with TSATC, and I can’t be anymore disappointed than I already am.
Story goes, I was on the ground taxiing to runway 19R at San Francisco, and out of nowhere, NORCAL Departure tries to contact me, but I can’t, because I’m on the ground. This went on, and when I got in the air, I checked in and the guy operating departure had to be drunk, because he already was clearing me to Los Angles and John Wayne, even though I didn’t request a flight following, and I was heading to Tokyo International! I also droped his frequency without requesting because I was so disappointed.
I also have a few screenshots of the conversation on the ground and departure when I got in the air:

(By the way, in my opinion, there should only be IFATC operating because this is unacceptable for the Training Server)

EDIT: The guy also asked me to maintain slowest pratical speed, which was impossible because I would have stalled, and I was departing, not arriving.

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Sorry, this is training server. Try your best and get on the expert server. IFATC are not allowed to control on the training server last I heard.

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Also, TSATC (expert ATC for the training server) recently closed their doors


Just work around ATC when they are a bit rowdy. Its generally better and more effective to provide feedback to the group rather complain in situations like this.