Again, Spread Out! (KLAX)


I often test my regime by taking on the challenge of ATC at KLAX on TS1. Today wasn’t such a busy day, but every time I have a massive line up for 25R and 25L, both from inbound and outbound traffic, but almost nothing at 24R & 24L.

If you’re on the ground, and you see that a runway (at a multi-runway airport) is busy, try to stick away from it. If you’re close enough to another runway that isn’t busy, go for that one! I understand that if you’re on the southern terminal of KLAX, you’re not going to taxi to 24R/L, but if you’re in the center try to look for a clearer runway

Secondly for inbound traffic, try to avoid the crowded runways. If you are filing a FPL, try to line up with the northern runways, as it makes a controller’s life a lot easier to have inbound traffic coming in on a less busy runway.

Thank you and happy flying to you all!


Inner runways for takeoff and outer runways for landings.


Yep, just wish people would use the other two runways

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It’s training, real procedures don’t apply.

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hmmm… but I would have thought that people would have wanted smaller lines by going to a northern airport…

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Even if they request taxi to a certain runway, you as the ATC have the option (and the power) to send them to whatever runway you want.

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Yep, but on a training server, if you tell them to change runways, most likely they won’t


That’s why you should try to be an IFATC officer. A lot more realistic.

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As soon as I reach the XP level for expert I plan on applying!


Here is how I run KLAX. It works quite well. If you spawn in the center of the runways your going to 24L, if you spawn on the south side of 25L your going to 25L. No exceptions. It keeps runway crossings down to a minimum and generally only leaves 24L to be crossed by inbound traffic coming off runway to terminals

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and this also happens a lot

people dont listin to atc

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Look at KNUC this morning…


I feel sorry for you…

Virgin251 is the Bauce!

Yeah seriously lol. Also could be flying on advanced. I reported him anyway.

I feel proud of the fact that I managed one hour of non-stop traffic at KLAX then at any other airport.

And cargo planes take off from 25L because the cargo aprons are on that side.

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