Again same problem with the grades

Hi everyone,
I know I’ve posted a while ago the same problem, though my question was answered by an infinite flight member, it happened again! So, previously I’ve earned the landings to become a grade 4 and for some reason on the next day the system said I was still a grade 3- I was advised that it normally takes more than 90 days. However, this time it happened again but I have evidence (see attachments) the screenshots are one day apart and for some reason one says I’m a grade 3 and the other says I’m a grade 4. What can I do?? I know I should continue landing maybe just a short flight but what’s the point if the system keeps “degrading” me.


Can you fly on live reel quick? I can check if you tag says Grade 5 if you’d like.

Hi I’m on it now, I’m on my way to KONT my tag is Dynasty 541 aprox. FL32

Another example that I should be a grade 4 way longer is due to the log books here we can see I’ve landed 128 times therefore I should not be a grade 3 (like it says) - now I’ve already gained a grade 4 but tommorow it will say grade 3

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I have replied to your support request, but just in case anyone else has this issue:
If you’re just hovering around the landing/flight time limits for a grade, be careful that if 90 days ago you had a lot of qualifying landings/flight time, you’ll be downgraded to the lower grade the next day.
This is because all those landings/flight time will be within 91 days, which makes them not being counted for grading.

I hope this clears things up.


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