Again, More Random Scenic Shots

Ahhhhh, last time I did this, I had some great support from those who viewed it so I though I’d try again, looking for underrated scenic areas across the world. All are taken in Solo, doing verticals from various airports. Let’s go!

Lake Chad, Africa

Lençois Maranhenses, Brazil

Mayotte, Africa

Sao Filipe, Cabo Verde

Bay Area, CA, USA

Adak Island, AK, USA

Viti Levu, Fiji

Georgetown, Guyana

Which one was your favourite?

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WOw super sool

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Beautiful shots! This is really amazing, keep this up!

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Some really stunning places in there! Thanks once again for this cool kind of topics! Looking forward to the next one!

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Thanks @JulianB and @Mr-plane-guy1


Beautiful, but Fidji and usa is more colored

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Now these are some stunning scenery photos here, great job, @Tsumia!

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Like I said last time, I love these types of shots! Especially Adak, I flew there from Anchorage during the Anchorage Flyout in October so I’m surprised anybody else has noticed it

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Dude how did you do Lake Chad? Tell me it’s edited if not I’m going there to explore.

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Wow!!! Great shots, especially the island in Cabo Verde, if I could vote for 2 I would 😍😍

I flew to space and added some filters.

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I was just like looks like a sand dune under the lake and under the sand dune…an unidentified submerged object!!!