Again I Lost Level 3 Because of the violations, what should I do to go up to Level 3 faster?

I lost Grade 3 again, how can I go up to Level 3 faster?

If you lost it because of violations, all you can do is wait and practice on the training/casual servers. Flying patterns will improve your landing:violation ratio.

I’d advise monitoring your flight (specifically speed) at all times during climb and descent to avoid more future violations. Or, if you’ve been reported by ATC, you can message your controller for them to explain what you did wrong.


Feel free to send a message to @appeals as well if you would like to appeal the violation

It looks like you’ve recently received a level 3 violation today and will need to wait at least 7 days for this to fall off. Otherwise, everything else checks out on my end and as long as you do not incur any other violations in the next 7 days, you should be back to grade 3.

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