Again at KLAX

I was Approaching KLAX, The Scenery was Half Crashed…

I Go around Because of That Reason

Ipad Air 3

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Have you tried resetting/clearing your scenery cache? This usually helps with scenery “bugs” like this…

All the best,

Yes I always do It Every Day !

AND Duplicate when I Descending and Approaching and Final

This Happens Every My Long Haul…

I see. I’ll leave it up to someone more knowledgeable to help you out. I have a few ideas bust don’t want to have something go wrong.

You could reset your cache for Infinite Flight in your device’s settings, or maybe try a hard restart on your device? I’m not 100% sure.


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My pad Storage


Sorry you’re having issues with the app.

Does this happen at all airports or are you always coming into KLAX?


My Topic Was Closed So…

Yes I think

Its okay. You not alone mate🤣
I’ve same issue when my connection lil bad

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@I_AM_KOREAN_FOX what is your iOS version?

I think it’s based on the Internet.

Also you noted on that this happens on long hauls. So no problems what so ever on short hauls?

Does it happen on Solo or Live or both?

Yes, it only happens in Long Haul, and it’s visible at 8nm, and then the graphic breaks at 2~3nm.

I don’t know How To see It

WIFI Was Full

Live Server 🙂

Not long ago, I was told to update it on the device, so I updated it.

Did you get on the Apple iOS 15 beta?

I’m guessing not. I’m just making sure because I heard this happening to some on beta.

Wasn’t 14.6?

I saw 14.6 Update

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Ok that’s about all I can help you with. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t the beta.

Hope you can figure it out!

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The amount of unnecessary questions being asked are seriously bugging me, y’all don’t need to overcomplicate things this much!

Try a second cache clearance, including an app restart, usually that would solve most cases. If not, try a quick device restart on top of that.