Afternoon spotting session at EICK (Cork)

Hello IFC and welcome to this spotting topic. Last Sunday I went planespotting at my local airport. There was a nice variety of planes there on the day, including a nice unexpected arrival. I hope you like the photos.

Here is the KLM E175 going out to Amsterdam Schipol

Here is the situation with stored aircraft with the KLM backtracking down to the start of the runway

Ryanair 737 heading off to Naples

Another Ryanair 737 coming in from and going out to Alicante

G-CLKA coming in after routine maintenance

The surprise of the day was HB-VHV arriving and departing within 30 mins of its arrival

Over all there was a lot of activity with Atlantic flight training academy but I didnt get any really good ones of them. I took 275 photos and these are the best few.


Camera: Canon EOS4000D
Lens: Canon EF 70-300mm

Which one was your favourite?

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Thanks for taking a look!


Great shots mate!!

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There’s something about the E175 that’s just sexy

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Love the shots 😍

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Thanks Ryan

I completely agree

Thank you Alex


Ryanair looks especially πŸ”₯

Is Cork always this cloudy πŸ˜‚

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These are awesome! Lol I tried an edit it failed πŸ˜‚



KLM planes look like whales now haha

The head-on Ryanair shot looks so cool!

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Wow. You shared your pictures with me yesterday, and they are so beautiful! I love the KLM Departing out of EICK. I love how a lot of aircraft is in place at Cork that day, very nice view. ☘️

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Brilliant photos mate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜

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That head-on shot of the Ryanair is awesome, nice work!

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I swear Ryanair flies to the most random locations in Europe. Like Barcelona to Cork. just my opinion :)

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Very nice shots!

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Just to point out, it should be HB-VHV

Asides, great photos!

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Thanks everyone!

Beautiful! Did you see the KLM pilots waving at you?

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Some really cool pictures! Especially the KLM and Ryanair ones are great. Thanks for sharing!

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I didnt at the time but as you say it yes they are! Thanks for pointing that out

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