Afternoon Spotting @KSAT

I took these last week and forgot to post them so here they are. I know the editing is really bad, I’m still learning.


Camera: Canon EOS T100 Rebel
Lense: 55-250mm
Location: 29°31’15.1"N 98°28’01.4"W

#1: JetBlue A320 (I Love NY Livery) | N586JB | 19yrs old

#2: Delta A320 | N357NW | 24yrs old

#3: American E175 | N515SY | 1yrs old

#4: American 737-800 | N802NN | 13yrs old

#5: Delta A320 (Same plane as 2) | N357NW | 24yrs old

#6: USAF C-130 | 07-4636 | 15yrs old

#7: Southwest 737-700 | N7827A | 19yrs old

I hope you like them!

YouTube (TheAviaton)


It ain’t tho


The editing is really not as bad as you think, but (imo) it could use more exposure, contrast, and perhaps brightness on some photos, however again, these photos are nowhere near bad


Thanks @AndrewWu @AvChicken


Love the pictures! Do you have an instagram account for spotting?

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No I hope to get one though.

Keeping this open

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Idk if y’all can see it but my camera needs some serious cleaning, which it got😁

What was that USAF doing??

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Training I think, it was sitting at an FBO with 4 other T6 Texans

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Ooh Interesting

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Herky Looking tough. Love some military action, Great photos 🫡

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Thank you!

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