Afternoon Spotting @ KPHL 7/OCT/18

Yesterday, I went up to Philadelphia and decided to spot some planes. I went to a spot right under Runway 27L and next to Runway 27R and got a variety of shots, both takeoffs, and landings.

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel SL1, 75mm-300mm lense

Here are some of my best shots:

Here’s N766US, a 17.9-year-old Airbus A319. Also, this plane is an old US Airways plane and a common sight at Philadelphia

Here’s A7-ALI on final at RWY 27L. Seeing the Qatar A350 was the main reason I spotted here. This plane is a 2.6-year-old Airbus A350.

Due to the place I was spotting at, I could also see arrivals on runway 35. This plane is an American Eagle (Unknown Operator) Embraer 145. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch the registration.

This is N176AA, a 16.8-year-old Boeing 757-233 lining up for takeoff on Runway 27L.

After seeing the Qatar A350, I decided to stay another hour and see the beautiful British Airways 747-436 (G-BYGD), a 19.7-year-old plane.

Here is one of my first pictures, taken while planes were still landing on runway 27R and departing 27L. This is N342AN, a 15.8-year-old Boeing 767-323ER on final.

Last, but not least, this is N331FR, a 0.4 year old (very young) airbus A320-251 NEO waiting for takeoff clearence on runway 27R.

I hope you enjoyed! See more pictures from multiple spotting trips on my Instagram:


Those are some awesome pics! I liked the angle on the 757.


These pictures are very high quality.


My favourite one is the BA 747-400

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I like those pictures, especially the American 757-200. It’s really high quality.


Nice photos! The American 757 is my favourite.

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Very nice! I love the skyline with the 767 and that 757 looks great too!

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Can’t decide if I like the American Boeing 757-233 or British Airways 747-436 picture. Nice work!

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Awesome pictures!! Seemed like quite a cloudy day.

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I spot at PHL almost every weekend! And I’ve only ever saw them use that operation (departures 27R/arrivals 27L) once in my life! Absolutely amazing pictures!😍

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Nice photos.

Damn, A7-ALI? I flew on that beaut a while ago :)

The ERJ Is operated by Piedmont Airlines :)

Nice shots btw, haven’t seen one from PHL here before, but I’ve been to PHL three times. Such a nice airport, but when I fly to Philadelphia, my flights end up being delayed somehow.


maybe they are not from Américan airline, but these pictures are taken at the AICM

FB_IMG_1537765400864 FB_IMG_1533561268698

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Nice shots, My favourite was that beautiful shot of the american 757. Great job!

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Ah, thanks for the information, I just got a bad angle on the photo.

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You’re welcome :)

I’ve flown on an ERJ145 to PHL, and American mainly contracts Piedmont’s ERJ145’s to fly out of CLT and PHL. The other operator of the ERJ145 would be Envoy Air :)

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Woo what good pictures

Piedmont is a great airline, I had a great time with them when I flew to MYR.

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