Afternoon spotting at Mexico City airport (MMMX)

Today I went spotting at my home airport, MEX plenty of heavies and I discovered a new strategy on how to take pictures if I don’t have a camera which mine got stolen.

First up we have the queen coming in from Frankfurt (EDDF).

For the next few pictures I started using my binoculars to zoom in by putting my phone camera in them.

Firstly we have an Aeromexico 737-800 and a Volaris A320 NEO

Then a Viva A321 NEO with some heavies in the back

Now an Aeromexico 787-8 from LAX (or JFK I don’t remember)

And now we have an Aeromexico 737 MAX 9 ready to line up on 05L

We then have the beautiful KLM 787-9

A Volaris A320 NEO landing on 05R

And an Aeromexico E190 coming in right after

And then 2 beautiful 777’s from Emirates and Air France heading to BCN/DXB and CDG/CUN respectively

That concludes it for today and I might be making a part 2 tomorrow because there was a lot more to see.
Anyways thank you for checking this out and let me know which was your favorite!

Camera: iPhone 11 (used binoculars to zoom in on aircraft)
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:50 PM CST

Just waiting for photo quality to die


I wonder if all of these landings were actually go arounds… xD

Only a few will understand this lol

Im taking that flight in a few months. Beautiful shot there! And a very creative spotting setup :)


I don’t know if I should laugh or cry after seeing this lmao

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The Frankfurt route? If so well so am I haha! Doing it in December

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These are all beautiful photos! Nice strategy!

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Hermosas fotos!!! Love 'em

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Very evil…

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I like this one the most, I wonder why ;)

All pictures are very great, especially since you “only” used a phone and binoculars.

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The second two pictures like the Aeromexico B737-800 and Volaris A320neo and the photo of the Viva Air Airbus A321neo are out of order. But nice photos of you plane spotting man. @MiglMicheal

Very nice photos!

We need this Volaris livery in Infinite Flight, looks so pretty.
Nice pics

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i’ve never seen that idea of taking photos using binoculars to see the plane better. Nice photos!

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