Afternoon Spotting - At KBJC (10-6-19) (Part 1)

Hi all! Yesterday I went with my dad to KBJC to spot (after getting some really good Red Robin 🤤) The largest airplane I saw was a dash 6-300. Enjoy!

Camera: Nikon DX with a 55-200mm lens.

You may use any of these photos, as long as you contact me to use them.

Here are the pictures:
N654CW (TBM-700) sits with N561QS (Cessna Citation Latitude) on the Ramp.

N889TA (Cessna Citation CJ1) taxiies out to Bend, OR.

N75839 (Cessna Skyhawk; C172N) taxiies to the flight school ramp.

N889TA lifts off here.

N734PG (Cessna 172) taxiies to the ramp after landing from a 3 hour flight around CO, NE, and WY.

N4345G (Piper PA-28-161 Warrior) taxiies to runway 12L.

N614AR (deHaviland DHC-6-300) taxiies in to the main ramp after flying around randomly for a few hours.

Thanks for viewing my photos! Which one was your favorite? Comment down below! I will release part two most likely tomorrow! Keep your eyes out for it!


Nice shots! I like the fourth one the most.

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Great shots. I love shot 6 the most!

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Lovely shots man!!

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Wow those pics are awesome ! 😀👍🏽

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I always love seeing General Av. spotting photos and your photos are awesome

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GA Spotting! Love these photos Great Job!

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Thank you all!

That’s nice Bend Oregon is so nice!

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Amazing pictures! I like the Dash 6-300!

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