Afternoon Reno to Seattle Flight

I often check Flight Radar 24 to see if any cool flights are flying over me. I have recently seen a lot of flights from either Seattle to Reno, or vice versa. So, I thought to myself, “Why don’t I do that?”. So I did, and here are some photos from along the way. Hope you enjoy!

After pushing back from Gate B09, and departing from Runway 34L, I am on my way to Seattle. I must have been light, because I rotated before crossing runway 7.

Still climbing, and my (very few) passengers get a nice view, from both sides as I now have Pyramid Lake on my right, and Honey Lake on my left (which I guess I just noticed you cant really see, but that’s ok…)

I have now reached my cruising altitude of FL360, this photo was taken while just surpassing Summer Lake.

This very scenic route also includes the Three Sisters Mountains

To conclude our Cascade Mountain Range trend, we have (from foreground to background), my home mountain of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier

A beautiful shot that I couldn’t miss of Mt. Rainier

And my terrible landing that consisted of almost no flare whatsoever, no butter today…

Flight Info

Departure Airport: KRNO (Reno)
Arrival Airport: KSEA (Seattle)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 (Alaska Airlines)
Server: Training
Flight Time: 1 hour & 29 minutes
Cruising Altitude: FL360


Looking good buddy

I see you have read the rules carefully ;)

Nice two of my favorite city’s.

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Very cool scenery in between the two destinations, maybe I’ll have to do the flight some day as well. Great pictures! ;)

Oh yes I have 😁. Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for the compliments! I highly recommend it if you ever want a short regional flight

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I’ll try to remember that the next time either or them are featured, or I’m just feeling like doing a random flight.

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Amazing photos! The mountains in that area are stunning. The first and last screenshots are 👌🏼

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Epic phots 🔥

I love the Alaska livery so much.

@lucaviness and @anon38496261 Thank you both for the compliments! The Alaska livery is probably one of my favorite liveries, in my opinion, I like both their retro, and new

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Curse you Corona.


You had me laughing at that! Hopefully aviation comes back soon…

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Uhh nice pics

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Uhh thank you…