Afternoon in the Land Down Under-Sunrise in the Aloha State

Hello IFC! With Hawaii being one of the featured airports today, last night I decided to fly an overnighter from Sydney to Honolulu. I captured a couple cool things during this flight, and I hope y’all enjoy these pictures!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Jetstar Boeing 787
Flight time: 8hrs 39mins
Server: Expert

Blastin into the blue Australian skies

New Caledonia

After many hours of darkness, the moon sets and the sun starts to rise

Beginning our descent into Honolulu

Droppin the gear down on final for 8L

Beautiful arrival into a busy Honolulu!

Let know your thoughts and opinions on these pictures!


They are amazing!

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This shot is so nice!


Thank you!

Thanks! :)

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Amazing photos! The 787 is great

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All those photos are Amazing! Great Job @Speedyyy!

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Thank you Noah :)

Thank you very much!


Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Honolulu is a beautiful airport and I love to fly there!