Afternoon Heavy Rush @ YSSY | December 25th, 2019

Hello IFC! Here’s part two of my four part Sydney series. All of these were shot from the top floor of the rental car garage or whatever it is that they have there. To date, this is my favorite spot from any airport ever.

If you’re wondering why I’m spotting on Christmas instead of spending time with my family, 1) I did spend time with them, they were spotting with me :) and 2) a lot of the attractions were closed so it was a nice time to go spotting

It was so incredibly windy on the garage I had no choice but to use a tripod. Shot on D7500 & Tamron 100-400.

BA stands as the only European airline to operate flights to Australia.

I don’t know what it is about this angle on the A380, it just looks extra fat.

This one is following BA over to Singapore.

This is kind of a weird one but regardless I think it’s cool.

I came to Sydney a little late to get the whole MD-11F rush that used to happen every afternoon, but this 747 will have to do :p.

On a weird taxi routing to dodge an Atlas 747-8F.

Here’s that 747-8F I was just talking about.

I drew some inspiration from LAX helicopter edits and made this.

Golden hour just fails to occur during heavy bushfire season. In this shot, you can see the brave bits of sun that were able to make it through.

Ending it off with a tribute post. Goodbye VH-OEF and thank you for your service.

Favorite shot?

  • British 777
  • Emirates A380
  • Qantas A380
  • Etihad 777
  • UPS 747F
  • FedEx 777F
  • Atlas 747F
  • Qantas 787
  • JetStar 787
  • Qantas 747

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I always bookmark your topics and now I have literally 2.7k bookmarks. I’ll have to go back through and bookmark them again lol

The 748 picture is beautiful. Nice job!

can i also use that as my phone wallpaper lol

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That Jetstar 787 is just, wow!

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Wow love them all. They look so clean 🤩

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The JetStar 787 is definitely my favorite, nice and clear photo!

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Dang a bookmark that’s a new level. Thank you!

Yeah sure PM me

Thanks guys!

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Lovely shots as always, Andrew. Love that Jetstar 787.

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Thanks Ethan!

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There is a different world here in Australia I see. Different times, different seasons. Beautiful scenery. Great pictures! I am such a fan of heavies like the fantastic A380’s. I hope you have enjoyed your moment in Sydney, with your family of course. 👏

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Absolutely stunning pictures! So many great perspectives! Thanks for sharing, very well done!

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He had too much oil money for lunch that day.

Australia is amazing! Loved my entire trip there. And thank you!

Thank you Julian!


Ahhh yes, the king of #real-world-aviation:spotting is back! Amazing pictures!