Afternoon Heavy Departures Spotting at EHAM | 23/05/2020

Hello everyone!

I’m back again with another spotting topic, this time with a real camera, more on that in a second.

Last Saturday me and @anon72640624 went spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol’s runway 24 watching a few departures off to many different destinations.

Don’t worry, we were socially distancing

So about the camera, it’s a little story.

So I knew I had a camera in my household, but I thought it only had a 55-80mm zoom lens with it, so I never used it. But then my Dad pointed out that we also have a zoom lens, I just thought he meant the 55-80mm one, but apparently there was also a 55-200mm lens, so I immediatley tried it out and saw that it was capable of planespotting.
The camera itself is a Canon eos 230D, got introduced in early 2005, yes, that early. It actually shot some really nice pictures, despite the age.
So this camera actually used a cf card, a massive thing compared to the modern sd card, and could only store 1gb of photos (camera doesn’t shoot video). With this came A LOT of struggles, with the connection being lost very frequently, making me unable to shoot for a moment. After a few minutes of testing it at home, the camera finally decided to cop on to itself and behaved normally.
After this was all sorted, I contaced @anon72640624 and we agreed to go spotting on the following Saturday.

Vinne also took video, I will link his YT video here as soon as it’s published

So here is a quick summary:

  • Camera: Canon eos 230D + Canon EF 55-200mm
  • Location: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, runway 06, otherwise known as the Kaagbaan, watching departures from 24 (opposite direction of 06)
  • Date: Saturday May 23rd, 2020 23/05/2020
  • Time: around 15:20 - 16:10 local time (1320Z-1410Z)

I apologise in advance if some pictures are a bit blurry, winds were mad there…
Now, onto the pictures!

Kicking off today’s spotting topic is a KLM Boeing 777-300ER just about to retract its gear, bound for Panama City, PTY.

Flight Details

Aircraft: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Airline: Boeing 777-306(ER)
Registration: PH-BVO
Serial number: 35946
Flight number: KL757
Age: 5 years, March 2015

Next is an Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777-F1H, bound for Dubai, DWC which is rather odd for Emirates to operate to I believe. According to FR24 it “diverted” to that airport.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-F1H
Airline: Emirates SkyCargo
Registration: A6-EFH
Serial number: 35608
Flight number: EK9914
Age: 7 years, September 2012

Now is a KLM Boeing 747-400 withdrawn from retirement to operate the Amsterdam-Seoul rotation.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 747-406(M)
Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Registration: PH-BFW
Serial number: 30454
Flight number: KL895
Age: 19 years, October 2000

I apologize for the poor image quality on this one, winds were mad when this bird took off

Up next is another KLM aircraft, this time a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner bound for Mexico City, MEX.
This was the only clear shot I got off this beauty due to the winds:)

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Registration: PH-BHN
Serial number: 42491
Flight number: KL685
Age: 2 years, January 2018

And to wrap things up (yes I know, it wasn’t much. I didn’t have a lot of time lol), here is a Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER operated by Turkish Airlines, destination unknown on FR24 lol.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-3F2(ER)
Airline: Turkish Airlines
Registration: TC-LJE
Serial number: 44126
Flight number: -
Age: 4 years, January 2016

Also, a view of the cargo terminal:D

Anyways, that was it! I really enjoyed that spotting session, I really hope you enjoyed.

This was my first spotting topic with a proper camera, any feedback is welcome;)

What was your favourite picture?

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Stay safe and ever so healthy,


Hello! Nice pictures you got there buddy! I love picture 7 the most!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed that picture xD

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Nice photos Rian, let’s go spotting at Rotterdam The Hague next time ;)

I’ll post the video this weekend or so.


Ya I went with 7 as well. EHAM obviously has loads of plane spotting areas. Amazing photos👍


Nice kaagbaan spotting, I wish I lived closer to AMS to spot there :(


Thanks Vinne! I’ll go spotting there whenever traffic returns bc there are only like 5 GA planes there daily and I’m no fan of helis

can’t wait:)

It sure does, if you ever decide to go The Netherlands, make sure to stop by there xD

Thanks! I’m sure there’s an airport nearby you;)


Yeah, Seppe. But that’s a prop airport

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Oh I will. I was only explaining to my Mam the other day about going.

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