Afternoon Flying in a Cessna 172

Myself, and a few pilot friends took a Cessna 172 (N5194F) down to my flight school too meet a few college friends as well as going to a nearby airport to look at my buddies airplane that was in the shop. The trip was a great learning experience as we had too do some cloud dodging as well as has many traffic callouts from LR Approach. Here a few pictures


WOW! Looks like you have fun! :)


Absolutely. It’s always fun going up and flying. Expecially of you learn something new or something that your aren’t comfortable with


The level with the cloud shots are nice 😉👌

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Thanks. I appreciate the comment


It’s very cool that you have the fortunate means to have these experiences, but it’s the coolest that you never hesitate to share them here. Great shots as usual buddy, glad you had a good time up there.

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There really cool Experiences and love sharing my passion for aviation with people and others.


Great pictures! I love them!!

Thanks. Appreciate it

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