Afternoon flight to Bozeman

Todays flight from LAX-BZN

Parked at the most annoying gates at LAX 52E

Cleared for push and starting up engine #2!

Holding short of runway 25R

And we are off the Bozeman!

Climbing to cruise

Starting decent into Bozeman

In on final for runway 30


Parked at the gate!


Nice shots! @NathanD might wanna see this

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Amazing pictures! Hope you had a good flight to Bozeman!

Thanks bro!

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nice pics!

I was flying into Bozeman once on IF and I trusted the Autopilot a little too much sooo on descent my wing barely clipped a mountain cause I wasnt using sids and stars

Very noice.

Never trust the autopilot too much if your not using SID/STAR

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Very very !

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Thank you!

Is Bozeman 3D?!