Afternoon far away spotting

Hi there! I have been working on getting as many photos as I can today. Most of which, I am quite proud of. It has been brought to my attention that some people don’t really think that my photos are ‘on par’ in terms of quality. As I really like to share my work with people, I chose to keep taking photos, and I did my very best to get them to the highest quality that I could get them to. Sadly, for most of the planes, I forgot to find where they were headed to. I really hope that you enjoy, because I truly did work on these photos.

For out first photo we have an Air Canada A319 headed out to Vancouver. Cruising over me at a staggering height of 40,000’

Our next photo is a Delta 737-900 flying down to Las Vegas. Flew over me at 37,000’

An AeroLogic 777-200F. Don’t remember where it was going, or how high it was.

My favorite airline, Alaska, flying one of their retro livery 737-900ER’s over me at 37,000’

Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for taking a picture of one of these massive Military C-17’s. They were flying low in a group of two. Couldn’t find where they were going to, where they were from, or what altitude they were at. For obvious reasons

And for our last one of the day. I had to zoom in pretty far to show you this one. JetBlue flew there Brooklyn Nets special livery over me at 26,000’ (and climbing). Headed from Portland to Not Assessed. I feel as though they were doing some sort of photo shoot because there were some smaller planes surrounding them, and another JetBlue behind them. They circled around a lot in Eastern Washington before heading due south. Call Sign: N633JB Please dont call me out on the quality of this one…

Thanks for taking a look! As said, I put a lot of work into getting these photos ‘on par’ as they can be to the best of my ability. And I appreciate you giving me feedback

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