Afternoon/Evening Spotting @TNCM

Here are some photos I took while spotting at TNCM. I used some different editing styles, let me know what you think of them!

A KLM 789 arrives after a long flight from Amsterdam, with storm clouds in the background.

A United 737 to Newark and a Delta 752 to Atlanta are quick to line up & takeoff while the 789 back taxis.
It can’t be a proper spotting thread without the other U.S. mainline carrier! This A321 comes from Miami.

As the wind blows hard from the storm, this WestJet 737 from Toronto Pearson struggles to touch down.

An Air France 77W (777-300ER), the last arrival for the day, skims over late-night beach goers heads.

What was your favourite picture?

  • Photo 1 (KLM 789)
  • Photo 2 (United 737)
  • Photo 3 (Delta 752)
  • Photo 4 (American A321)
  • Photo 5 (WestJet 737)
  • Photo 6 (AF 77W)

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Please leave any feedback in the comments! Thanks!


Great photos @WestJet737767!

I would tone down the editing a tad, especially on the AA A321.

Other than that, amazing photos!


That’s why I tried a bunch of different methods :)


beautiful photos, but I will ask you to reduce the contrast, not to change the originality of the photo a lot, but anyway I liked it

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Actually, I worked more with shadows and highlights :)

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