Afternoon Departures @ Melbourne Tullamarine [YMML] | December 27th, 2019

Hello IFC! It’s been a “while” since my last spotting topic, so here’s another one.

Shot on Nikon D7500 + Tamron 100-400

Royal Brunei Dreamliner - one of the aircraft I was most excited to catch.

Air New Zealand A320 - featuring some cool Australian trees.

Emirates 777 - check out the size of that engine.

Air New Zealand 777 - not all blacks, but a handsome aircraft nonetheless.

Virgin Australia 737- my lens really wowed me with its close-up performance on this one.

Qantas A330 - peak golden hour and a light departure got me this gem.

Singapore A350 - delayed for quite a bit, totally worth it because it pushed the departure right into golden light.

Air New Zealand A321 NEO - riding on the dying light. Air New Zealand really likes to fly by the Melbourne trees, I swear these aren’t photoshopped.

Air New Zealand 777 (ALL BLACKS) - difficult recovery after a pretty blurry raw file through a tinted and dirty window.

  • Royal Brunei 788
  • Air New Zealand A320
  • Emirates 77W
  • Air New Zealand 772
  • Virgin Australia 738
  • Qantas A332
  • Singapore A359
  • Air New Zealand A321 NEO
  • Air New Zealand All Blacks

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Ohh very pretty planes! 🤩

Great photos sir :D

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Tree.Why does DFW have to be so boring >:(

How often do you go to Australia? Great photos!

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Wow! These are beautiful photos!

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  1. Tree
  2. DFW is an absolute traffic monster right now. You get more arrivals in a day than some other hubs do in a week.
  3. I’ve only ever been once. This is my last topic from the trip.

I have no words 😍😍😍

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Fantastic as always!

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Absolutely stunning pictures!! I must admit I am a big fan of the shots involving the trees (especially the A320 one), but the other close-ups are exceptionally high quality as well (especially the Virgin Australia one).
Thanks for sharing!

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Virgin Australia 738 is the best imo. Looks really nice. All pictures are 999999999x better than mine!

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Amazing photos like always! Hope ill be this good one day 🤞

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I was exited to see it! Nice shots Andrew :)

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I mean you just said four…

Thank my guy

I’m always looking to incorporate scenery into my photos. Gives it that extra punch. Thank you!

Just keep at it! You both have great potential.

Someone needs to teach me a spelling lesson, whoops.


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