Afternoon Arrivals @RCTP

Little guide for those who want to spot here

  • The location is a bit far from the city centre, I recommend to rent a bike at Metro Dayuan Station, it will take you around 5 minutes to this spot, 15 minutes by walking.

  • There’s abosolutely nothing there, make sure to bring enough supplies. After the sun set the road will be super dark, make sure your phone is fully charged if you’re planning for night spotting.

  • In the evening around November to February you will get blacklit photos like those 787s.

  • Lens: 50-70mm or above for 777, 747. 70mm or above for A320, 737.


Canon 850D
EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM


I’m going to visit taipei on February next year. I can’t wait to see beutiful planes there


A big welcome in advance!


Hey there! While these are great pics, these don’t adhere to the Spotting guidelines. You are only allowed to have 10 pictures, while you have 16 here. If you don’t want your topic to be taken down, I suggest you remove a few pics. I’ve linked the Spotting Rules here for future reference.


Nice shots!!


Some great photos here, just gotta ask what’s with some of the noticeable white marks on the images, mostly under the aircraft? It’s a bit confusing because it doesn’t look like a masking error. Is it something that’s happened in editing, or did the images look like that raw?


whoops, corrected.


Some of the photos are really dark, I turned their brilliance to max to brighten them. That’s why you can see those white marks haha.


Thank you!

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What software do you use to edit your photos? I think it’s better to brighten the shadows a bit, add a bit of extra contrast and raise the general exposure (if that doesn’t make the sky too bright).

I use default Apple image editor in the photo application

Here is the before and after, it looks much better than the over exposed one!


Honestly if you have an $800 camera and a $1500 lens you really should invest in Lightroom or something, more features and I assume a more powerful algorithm.


I think adobe lightroom mobile could be better!

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It’s also worth pointing out that Canon has their own editing software called Digital Photo Professional which is completely free and will get you partway, it’s available on most operating systems. There’s also GIMP which is free too.

Cranking up the brilliance is going to ruin the image. It would be worth spending some time learning what different options can do to an image. It would also help if your images weren’t backlit. If your exposure is right, you’ll only need minimal adjustments.

But definitely worth getting some proper software behind you, especially with how expensive some of your camera kit is.

Once you get that figured out, there is some incredible potential here.

It could be, but his edit ain’t it chief.


Thanks for these useful advices guys, much appreciated! 🤘🏻

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