Afternoon Arrivals in El Prat (LEBL) / Part 2

Part 2 is here ladies and gentlemen !

If you haven’t seen Part 1, I recommend you first go check it out : PART 1

Yesterday I went spotting, once again my camera (Canon 450D) was ready so I went to the spotting tower of El Prat’s airport.

Spotting near 24R’s threshold allows you to get some shots of arriving aircraft aswell as heavy departures.

Just like with part 1, there is a wonderful surprise at the end…

We’ll start with some storytime:
I was casually spotting and suddenly, I hear an aircraft revving its engines, nothing uncommon as the departure runway is a kilometer away.
However, this ROARRR was nothing like a takeoff roll.
I decided to open FlightRadar 24 to see if anything happened.
This is when I realize that there had been 2 Go-arounds !

This next picture will clearly show you what caused this double Go-Around.


Back to normal, the first aircraft coming in for a landing after the Go-Around was this TAP express Embraer 190 arriving from Lisbon.

Next in line this 787-8 from Air Europa arriving from Madrid Barajas, where was held AirEuropa VA’s anniversary yesterday in Infinite Flight.

Then a Royal Air Maroc (RAM) Embraer 190 flying over my head after a 2 hour flight from Casablanca.

Butter Machine coming in to land on 24R after a long flight from LAX.

Rather simple shot, the line of aircraft lining up on 24R overflying Barcelona’s beaches and Barcelona’s commercial port.

A Lufthansa A320 landing from Franfurt wearing this Star Alliance livery


Another Lufthansa but an A321 this time !

Its particularity ?

THE RETRO LIVERY which fits perfectly on the A321!

I’m not a fan of special liveries, but this one hits different to be honest.

I really hope you enjoyed this spotting topic ! If you did a like won’t hurt 💗

All photographs were taken on June 12th, 2022.



All photographs are mine, taken by myself and chosen by myself. If you wish to use any of these pictures, no need to ask, a credit will do the trick.

A special part will also be making its way soon.


Nice photos, I particularly like the one with the Retro Lufthansa livery.


Incredible photos 😍😍


Thank you! And welcome to the community

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Awesome pics as always bro @Mathurin_Garcier 😍💚


The Tap livery fits the ERJ 190 so well 🥵

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Lovely shots!

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got to love the 787 :)

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