Afternoon Arrivals in El Prat (LEBL) / Part 1

As the title suggests, I went spotting this afternoon !

I had all my camera gear ready (Canon 450D) for a 3 hour spotting session, 100 meters from 24R’s threshold.

Barcelona’s airport is actually very spotter friendly, very accessible and there are two spotting towers for passionnate people like me.

Stay until the end, I have a surprise.

We start off with a rather basic sight in Barcelona, a Ryanair 737Max-8 arriving from Dublin.

Let’s move on to the unusual Vueling aircraft I saw today:

This special livery emphasizes (in a minimalistic way) the four Balearic Islands:

  • Mallorca
  • Ibiza
  • Menorca
  • Fortmentera

All of those on one A320neo arriving from Lisbon

Up next we have a white Vueling livery on this A320 straight from the city of Bilbao

The pilot did no effort to make a smooth landing.
In his defense, the wind was blowing hard across the field…(part 2 will portray this fact more)

A few minutes later an AirFrance A321 came in for a landing, wearing its gorgeous "Crevette" livery

Soon after that another A320 touched down on 24R, coming in from Casablanca in Morrocco.

I love this livery

Arriving late from San Fransisco you can see this beautiful A330-200 from LEVEL (a spanish low-cost carrier that operates from Barcelona to BOS, JFK, SFO, LAX and CUN)

I’d love to see this aircraft and livery one day in IF, although that’s not where I should ask…

9A-CTI coming in for a landing from the Republika Hrvatska more particularly its capital city, Zagreb, the world’s only capital city beginning with Z.

We then have @Maxime_Flying 's favorite airline arriving from @saam 's hometown.
In other words, Volotea’s A319 arriving from Nantes wearing this livery that makes me think of a jam pot

And here is the surprise !

One of Vueling’s many A320neos but being seggsy with this Tenerife special livery, not arriving from Tenerife.

Colourful livery to say the least.


That’s it for this topic ! A part two is coming soon with another surprise, possibly slightly better than the first one.

I hope you guys enjoyed !!!

All photographs were taken on June 12th, 2022.

This is PART 2



All photographs are mine, taken by myself and chosen by myself. If you wish to use any of these pictures, no need to ask, a credit will do the trick.


As usual I win 😎, beautiful shots 🔥

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Amazing shots!!

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Very nice pics, flew into BCN on the FR3977 from Dublin on Thursday, flying back home on the FR6874 this Thursday if you are around for some pics?


Awesome pics as always @Mathurin_Garcier 😍😍😍 And yes, Volotea is my favorite airline 😆 @saam


Do you want him to have nightmares? Wicked 😕


This pic is 🔥🔥


awesome pictures Mathurin!


Not at all bro 😂☺️


or a picnic blanket

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I won’t be available sadly… Have a safe flight though

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