Afternoon Activity at New Yogyakarta @ WAHI | December 3, 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well !..
Maybe I’ve just created a thread before or have made a thread on this topic, so i want to share the results of my shot yesterday was Thursday afternoon of December 3, 2020 me and my school-mate taking time to do a planespotting at WAHI.

without any edits this is pure raw results of yesterday shoots, apologize for the quality, because i only use my device and additional zoom lens. Hope you liked it!

Thanks for have a look at my topics, feel free to choose which one do you like
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Amazing pics! Keep it up!

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Really nice pics several amazing angles there!

Keep it up I enjoy your close-up-and-personal shots!

Request: Could you zoom it all the way to see the pilots? :)

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Thank you 😉 @Robertine !

Thanks @CaptJJ i really want to get nice close up. It is difficult to avoid blur especially when i zoomed in, because my device is shaking too much. Im afraid to get nice close up. 😄 i will try that next time 😉


I recommend cleaning the lens that looks foggy

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Yea I’ve cleaned up the night before going there. 🙃

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Great pictures @ouzi 👍😁

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