Afterburners for the Fighters

I know there is a topic about the F-14, but this is for all.

We should defo get Afterburners, they would be fantastic for night flying!



They would be cool, might just be possible after landing smoke??


My god, we need this so bad 😍


They already have them but are not visible as such.

Don’t believe me? Go full throttle in one.

I believe he meant the visible flame. Long time away from getting that though.

We need this, would add to the realism a lot. Do they currently have the extra thrust generated by the afterburners at full throttle because I cannot vertical climb in any fighters, we need afterburners to sort this as they can in real life

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The fighter jets are very plane right now without afterburners (pun intended)

Yes definitely, but we need a new topic

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Avoid pointless bumps. With whom are you talking to, btw?


A topic with pictures and statistics of afterburners amd how they work would be very nice to provide a bit more info if the devs ever add this ;)


And you really think the devs use a feature request as the guide for how to add them/they don’t know how to use the internet?

Here’s an afterburner picture:


MaxSez: It would be nice if the Authers of topics like this did a little research and fleshed out there commentary! Google is your friend and sloth is revieling!

FYI; The idea behind an afterburner is to inject fuel directly into the exhaust stream and burn it using this remaining oxygen. This burner unit injection heats and expands exhaust gases further, and can increase the thrust of a jet turbine engine by 50% or more. … Therefore most planes use afterburners sparingly. (Google). Really revolutionary jet engine developments of late include the “TurboFan” for commercial application & the Hybrid Turbine/Ramjet combination ala SR-71 and that speculative hypersonic super secret spy Plane ( Name it?) Look them up & and become tech savvy!!!


Oh god, is my only reaction to this feature request.

This will only encourage pilots to misbehave on live. I’ve seen 1000+ speed on expert. Let’s try to keep it below 2000!

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It may be advisable to have 1 picture per feature request.

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