Afterburner with Fighter Jet Rework

With the rework of the F-18 coming in the future, I was hoping Infinite Flight could introduce afterburner along with it. I was thinking that perhaps the afterburner could be implemented in the actions tab so that way pilots can turn it on or off as they please. Another option is to implement it into the throttle response. As a pilot reaches 100% N1 afterburner could automatically turn on as a colorful animation trailing with the exhaust. The classic diamond could be implemented depending on the throttle setting. Perhaps the afterburner could also effect fuel consumption so players won’t be abusing the function.


More about afterburners:

The afterburner is an extra component implemented in many jet engines to aid in takeoff and supersonic flight. It increases thrust but severely impacts fuel consumption so it’s only used limitedly. The thrust gain is achieved by injecting extra fuel into a “combustor” which ignites and reheats the exhaust. The afterburner increases thrust primarily by accelerating the exhaust gas to a higher velocity.

If afterburner were implemented to Infinite Flight, it would add realism and the ability to acheive supersonic speeds without needing to nosedive for acceleration. The afterburner could be added to the jets currently in Infinite flight and any that come in the future as an extra animation.

Tell me what you guys think!

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