Afterburner for F14

Hello IF…

I just bought the F14 and it’s gorgeous, but was supremely disappointed to find it had no afterburner effects. So needless to say I went from smile to frown in less than a second.

Although it’s still a nice addition to my mobile hangar I do hope you might add a bit more spice to the package with engine flame/afterburner effects sometime soon.

Still an amazing app either way!


They should add after burner to all the fighters that have it


I think the afterburner is there in the physics, but there isn’t the particle affects yet. Add me to the ones who want the particles.

Did you exect like shock diamounds or flames coming out of the nozzles? I assume you have brought other aircraft before this? Is it not a little unrealistic to expect this kind of stuff for now

The fighters sound great so I think the next thing would be something like what you said but I think a more realistic thing to expect would be wingtop vortices when a cloud update comes in the future

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“Is it not a little unrealistic to expect this kind of stuff for now”…

Being that this was posted in the features forum, the place noted and requested for both new and existing suggestions then the answer to your question is NO.

So now that you mentioned it…

Afterburner with shock diamonds/flames would make it even better. ;)

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@HEiRAVON … A shot heard around the world😝😝😝😝😝 Mad Max Sends