After Two Years I'm Back

After 2 years I’m back to flying on Infinite Flight. Through getting my phone broken, the college admission process and a hectic senior year, it’s refreshing to be back in the skies. The game has changed so much and the community looks stronger than ever. If anyone ever wants to Fly or ATC for my routes, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Time to fly high again!

Missed this alot.


Welcome back we are happy to have a member back in the skies. 😁🤗

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:) Welcome back!

Very true! The game has changed for the better for sure. The community is also very strong aswell!

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Oh yeah some more things… there are a bunch of new things! You gotta start reading up like new VNAV, LNAV, procedures and more!

Hope to see you in the skies!

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Hey, welcome back! I also recently got back into it after a long hiatus, glad to see I’m not alone in learning all the new “technology” hehe. Welcome back!


Welcome back! Hope to see you in the skys!

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Haha I learned quick! Picked up how to use LNAV and VNAV on my first flight. Now the APPR feature took me a minute, had to tune into the runway FRQ.

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Welcome back to Infinite flight. 😀

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@Cpt.Sparryax I suggest you take a look at this - it will help you get to grips with the new features:

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