After the new update this is happening

MI 11x pro:
Please if someone can help

Has your subscription expired?

No I have a one year subscription

Hmm, what I would do is restart my device. If it doesn’t work, redownload the app, and it should work again.

If both of the options don’t work, just wait for a few hours.

If anything doesn’t work, maybe it is an error in the code, and you should wait until the next update.

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Let me try

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Is it working?

You have not replied for 1 hour. Has it been working?

Can you slow down a bit?
User has not been online since his last reply.
Not only are you flagging it for closure because the user didn’t reply for 30 mins, now this as well?

Stop pressuring.


Thanks alot @CyberHugh13371 @schyllberg guys support means alot my app started working thanks alot🫂🫂🫂