After the 787 Update... What's Next?

As this amazing new update is coming closer, and more people are getting hyped up, we’re all talking about the brand new 787. But after this, what’s next? A CRJ rework? The addition of our first tri-jet? Gear tilt? Global flight? Who knows. I want to know what’s the next move after this update. What do you guys think will come next after the 787 update?


Maybe global flight, but who knows. I’m hoping for a cockpit rework for the 737. Or a rework of the CRJ or maybe seeing a new aircraft. :)


Oh man, I really hope its the CRJ.

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That would be awesome. If the 737 cockpit gets reworked with lights it would look amazing!

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Yes. A cockpit rework is a must.(for the 737)


I hope it’s the Cobalt CO-50. Laura has said she would love to see this in IF. She also personally knows the CEO of Cobalt AND she went to the launch of the plane. Plus it’s just amazing. There is a feature request on the forum for it. Search it up!

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Most likely global.


Yeah probably lol

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Maybe they’ll add the whole CRJ family, and after that global possibly along with a A340/A330 rework, or 757/767 rework.

Maybe after global… the 777 family with updated lights and wing flex

There are cabin lights now on the 777 family. I don’t know if any cockpit work was done though. Wing flex though, I’m not sure.

This update hasn’t even come out yet and people are already asking for more, plague!

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We’re not asking for more, we’re just speculating.

I’m just wondering what’s gonna come next, I’m not asking for anything here. 😂


Adding the MD-80/90, 737 Classic and Max, and reworking the current plane cockpits to all be lit up for night flying and for all to have working display screens and gauges that’s what I want along with the ability to fly state to state or transcontinental or even across oceans on international when global arrives.

Here’s my assumption-
Airbus A350-XWB
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Global flight
CRJ-700 rework
Airbus A330 rework

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Yeah I would like the DC-10, MD-11, A350-XWB, and reworks for all aircraft to.

Who knows ;) FDS will probably surprise us with something amazing.

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I hope the fokker 70 with KLM Cityhopper will be added!

Some new aircraft likely. They’re reworking the 787 and 777 and recently reworked the A321. Some highly requested aircraft like the A350 or MD-11 is likely to come.

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