After nine-year hiatus, Japan Airlines resumes scheduled cargo service in...

Thought this was interesting as it can be beneficial for trade and cargo efficiency within the region and around the globe. But what do you all think? Please focus not on the politics but more on the aviation and how air cargo can have impacts.

So, does this new agreement in air cargo have a great potential for trade through aviation?
How does their fleet compare and do you like it?

If this grows political I will have the thread closed as we want to focus on aviation here πŸ‘


That’s good news

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It will be nice to see Kalitta Jumbos in Japan again. Happy to see more Cargo services resume in awesome regions.

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Yes absolutely!!

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I used to see these at my home airport, belgrade. It brought a smile to my face seeing the jumbo rarely come to my home airport πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

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