After More Than Two Years I'm Now Grade 5!

Yesterday, after more than two years of IF Live+, I made it to grade 5!
Symbolically, the flight which got me past 250 flight hours, to get to Grade 5, took place where it all began, at SFO.

The first time I tapped “Fly” in IF I ended up at SFO. It’s the default airport in that region.
And so the journey began.

I flew on Solo for quite some time.
I bought a few aircraft and a few regions and was having a lot of fun.

When I felt confident enough I bought a month of Live.
I hadn’t expected it to be so much fun. Before the month was up, I bought Live+ for the first time.
I recently renewed it for the second time.

Since then, I’ve reached the following:

  • 1331 online flights
  • 2111 landings
  • almost 280K XP
  • over 250 flight hours

It’s been so cool to see IF’s development over the last couple of years and there’s much more to come!
So the journey continues…

What will 2017 bring? A lot of great things!

Is getting to Grade 5 important? Not really. It’s just a tag with another color.
Being Grade 5 doesn’t say anything about skills and it also doesn’t make you a serious pilot. Dedication does.
To me it’s still a milestone. I know I am a dedicated and serious pilot.

To me Infinite Flight is a simulator and not a game! ;)

IF and Live+ is an awesome combination!
So, as I replied many times on this forum, do yourself a favor and try to save some money to get Live+! It’s so worth it!

I just wanted to share this with the community.

Happy flying and great landings!!


Congrats @Jan, if you are proud of your milestone that is all that matters! Hope to see you in the sky someday :) Happy flying!


Congratulations! 🥇✈️🎉


This is quite relatable…I did my final flight to reach grade 5 last night, 22 minutes from KLAX to KPSP. Only I have a violation for speeding I think but today it should drop off and I should be grade 5 for the first time!

And congrats! 💪🍾


Huge milestone. Congratulations!

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Congrats @Jan ! I fully agree with you about the IF experience feedback and hope to see you flying around sometimes
KLM-Blue Skies 🙂

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Congrats @Jan! I’m still trying to get there and it is a long journey !


Good stuff…!


Almost grade 5 myself and coming up to 2 1/2 years



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Wow 2 years! It must took you a long time to get there. How long were you playing IF?

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Take this into account next time when you’re doing topics :)

Congrats buddy as I just came back from not having live+ and I’m back to grade 3. But other than that congrats for your achievement.

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I highly respect that sentence. You’re a good man. Congrats!


Getting the required hours was hard.

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It’s hard to get to grade 5

Well done it seems so hard to get grade 5! And I agree IF has become more of a simulator than a game and deserves that title!!!

congratulations @Jan !

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Congrats, you are at the top of the food chain!


I whole heartedly agree with you. Especially when you realize how good of a deal it is.! I got Live+ for my birthday in September & I love it.