After landing, when should I contact ground control?

After landing, the controller instructed me to exit the runway and contact ground control.
In this situation, When should I contact ground control?

in front of hold short line? (Contact ground control after stopping the aircraft without the front wheel crossing the hold short line.)

After clearing the runway completely? (Stopping after the aircraft completely enters the taxiway and contacting ground control? )

I would be grateful if you could let me know
(It may be a little strange because it was translated with Google Translate. )

Because you are told to exit the runway and then contact ground, you change to the ground as soon as you are past the hold short line. Don’t stop the aircraft though - change frequency while still moving…


Emphasis on this. Never stop before the hold short line after landing. Otherwise, no one can take off and anyone landing aircraft behind you will have to go around.


As @Rob_M mentioned, if you stop before the hold line on the runway, this causes problems. We are unable to allow traffic to depart or land. Most likely, if you are doing it at a bust airport, it will result in a violation given out.

The best thing you can do is vacate the runway for us, get onto a straight, and contact ground, still moving at 5 kts till we give you a taxi to parking instructions.

There are times when I am confused because the guidebook does not provide such detailed information.

Thank you everyone! :)

The guidebook does provide that information if you read through it. Landing and Taxi to Parking | Infinite Flight

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