After landing!( NEWBIE)

Hey guys! - So how do I find my gate, after I have landed? - I did a flight today from OPIS - EGLL using a 777 - 200er, and after I’ve landed I couldn’t see my gate or find it on the map?
Is it a bug or something?


Are you specifically looking for the gate number, or is the ramp itself not there? Can you provide us a little more info. Thanks!

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The gate number.

Ok, so the gate numbers do not show up in game on Infinite Flight. If you would like to find the gate, you can use something like Google and search up the airport map and use your best judgment to find where the gate is. The airport outline will show up on the map, but no gate number will appear anywhere. I will leave a link to a feature request below where you can request this to be added. Have a great day!
Gate Numbers on the Building
Show Gate Numbers on Screen
Gate numbers on the ramp

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Another alternative that I use is to screenshot a picture of the gate from the spawn menu and pull it up after landing.

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