After Landing, My Landing Shows as 0

Dearest IFanatics…
I am trying to figure out if I am the only who usually has the issue…
I take off on a very long flights and only to land for example and my landing digit shows as 0 and not 1? Why does this always have to happen to me. Despite everything going smoothly with the flight… I mean flying online with expert account, Grade 4… This has happened so many times I feel like I am being cheated out of total number landings… Anyone have an idea why this happens? and if it happens to anyone else?

Sometimes it might not show after you’re done but it should have still counted regardless of it showing. What was your last flight?

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Out of your last 50 sessions, there’s about 4 of them where the landing count shows 0.
And that’s looking at the ones that exceeds 1 minute of session time (less than that is probably just where you spawned in and shortly exited thereafter).

All cases where there’s been feedback about this, the root cause have been the user landing outside of the runway area. But to check that, a replay needs to be shared :)


Hello Sir,

Yes there are those situations where bad winds has caused me to land awkwardly. However, I am talking about real nice landings… It happened so many times to me. How do I share a replay? How do I download it to share? I can share all necessary replays because you would see I landed just quite well. But for some reason it shows as 0… I always thought it did that because my last 90 days flights needs to be updated.

Accra to Angola

The only one that’s relevant now is the latest i guess?
If so, feel free to share it to us via email at

Just mark it in the replay list, tap “Share” and then via e-mail :)

Thanks, I have just shared it with you…

Got it and found the reason.

You touched down outside of the runway area. This is also why you received a taxi speed warning.

Generally, you should aim for the area after the “Threshold” & “Destination Markings” like the “Touchdown zone” or “Aiming point”.


Thank you so much, Schyllberg… This is very clear now… But there are other situations where I landed within the allowable threshold and still have a zero… But maybe something else was wrong… But thanks for sharing this… I am now aware of this…

It’s a place to start.
If you do encounter this in the future while landing “properly”, just make sure to mark or label the replay and feel free to reach out to us and we’ll have a look :)


Nice work schyllberg! This is what I’d be listening to as well!


Thank you…