After IFAET, why not create IFLET ( IF Livery Edititing Team )

I could see that there were two subjects that seemed to be in 2019 but didn’t go any further…

I don’t understand why there is a team for the airport edition and not for the aircraft liveries, of course it’s very good because it allows developers to release updates faster, but why not do like RFS, and let everyone create real liveries to have more choices, there are special sites for that and I think many will be happy that there are their favorite liveries.

For example, I base myself on a very simple subject, let’s imagine that a person wants to create the easyjet livery on IF, he takes the layers of the A321, he designs it, the superiors check his work and then put it into play if it is validated, like for IFAET.

Well because we can’t have 100+ liveries for each plane. Too much storage, that IF doesn’t have.

I already tried asking for this 😂


I’ve played RFS before and believe me everyone being allowed to create real liveries is not an good idea. Maybe a few select handpicked people but everyone no , also if you did look at the real and virtual sections of rfs some of thoses are not real liveries … It would also lead to increased moderation as as someone could easily put something bad on an livery them … Storage aswell comes into an issue if you make every livery that was ever made for lets say a plane like the 737. It’s an good idea but I dont know how the outcome would be like.


So…something like this?


Hey there! While I think your idea is great, this seems to be somewhat of a duplicate topic. There’s some other topics talking about some open source deliveries or even custom ones for Virtual Airlines. I recommend taking a look out for them!

Thanks and have a great day!


I love this idea, particularly the fact that there would be a selected team in place. It would really help to bring more diversity in to IF!


I love this idea as well! It’s unfortunate that the other open source template threads lost track. This would prevent a lot of unnecessary fighting on liveries threads as people will be add whatever liveries they want! ☺️


That’s why I said that the deliveries should be validated before

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Thats good if the liveries come validated then , but how would storage work ?

Dup (ish)