After how long can I repeat message to ATC?

Last week, I repeated a message to ATC, and got violated. Today, I requested pushback. And ATC didn’t answer 10 minutes later! I didn’t want to repeat and get violated, so I came here to ask:
How much time has to elapse before I can repeat an ATC request?
Thank you!

I don’t understand…

Can you make yourself more clear?

Just to clarify - both of these incidents happened on Expert Server, correct?

Hello check your logbook and let us know the controllers name so you can PM them and ask as to the reasons for your ghosting. This is not a support request.

Me: N31LN is requesting pushback
Me: I wait 10 minutes
ATC: answering everyone else’s requests
Me: repeats 10minutes later
ATC: Violated poor N31LN (me)

One on expert, one on training

Did he tell you “stand by” or “hold position” or anything like that? (Expert server)

Training server cannot garauntee that the controller will have good experience with ATC, or even any experience at all, so incidents where the controller makes mistakes on TS are bound to happen.

No, nothing

You can’t be reported on the training server. Check your logbook and tell us the controllers name.


Where in the logbook do I see that?

Home screen of your app on the right side

Thank you!

Just go to the flight where you got the violation. Click on that flight.
Then a little information button (i) should appear in the lower-right corner. Click on that.
You should now be able to view your violation details.

image image

You did not get any violations or ghost. I don’t see any issues.


On any flight where you get a violation or ghosting, it would say so in the “Notes” column…

Yes, I even got downgraded from grade 4 to grade 2!

Keep going back in your logbook

Check your grade table and see what’s stopping you from getting the next grade.

Can you show us this chart?

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