After hot fix I still have lagging issues

Ever since 20.1, i am experiencing alot of lagging issue, i saw this morning that a hot fixed was pushed and I went ahead and downloaded the hot fix and when i open the app all was smooth until it started happening again, i have video of the issue i am having. please help me fix this issue.


Im having a lot of lag too since 20.1 in multiplayer :_(

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It’s more than likely that you guys are having lag due to your device having to load too much stuff in live. What I mean by this is that loading other aircraft can be an extreme burden on your CPU. I would reduce my airplane count to maybe medium or low and if it’s still laggy then, then you can try to reduce your graphics. If even then it still is laggy, set your airplane count to none.

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The hotfix was released this morning as you said, so that should help most issues. Consider restarting your device as that may help. Also consider using the steps provided by @Drew737380 if the issue persists.

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The hotfix hasn’t “fixed the lag issues” as such, chances are your device settings are currently too high.

Please make sure you check out this post:

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I would like to add something that I think might help some people. Try turning on guided access. Guided access is orginally used as a feature for kids, by not allowing the kids to exit the app. I surmise guided access cuts off every other app on your iPhone or Ipad when guided access is turned on for a specific app. Ever since I’ve had this on, I’ve had little to no lag issues since. If you have an iOS device try it. Hopefully it works for you as it has worked for me. (It’s still possible to use some third party apps with guided access on.)

Usually, I experience lag at extremely busy airports. But after 20.1 and even the hotfix, one aircraft in the same airport as I am is enough to cause lag . So I spawn at empty airports. Also, crashing mainly occurs when I open up the map 🌍 to create a flight plan (hiding taxiways and airspaces as soon as the game loads seems to help).

Thanks for the assist but I am not using apple device I am using galaxy s8

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