After ghost, cannot replay

After I had too many violations, automatically I am ghosted.
But I still land the plane after that. Then later I go to replay, and I scroll to the end, it does not go to the end. I was ghosted at 06:24 but the maximum it lets me scroll is 06:30. Then when I press the 15 moving forward it only moves 15 milliseconds not 15 seconds. Then at 06:42 it does not work anymore. I click play but it does not play, the time does not change, only the plane moves tiny tiny bit.
The replay function not working after ghost, is this a known problem?

after i got ghosted I still landed the plane and flew offline

I’ve had this issue recently. Usually restarting the replay fixes the issue. It happens sometimes when skipping from a part in the replay to another quickly sometimes.

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I restarted the app but it still has the problem

Your replay file is likely corrupt I’m afraid. How much storage do you have left on your device just out of curiosity?

I do not know the number but there is enough

Yeah it seems like you have a corrupt replay file I’m afraid. Not much that can be done as far as I know. It’s one of those issues that aren’t the greatest. Not sure on the details of how a replay can become corrupt but to me your issue seems like it is a corrupt file.

As @infiniteflight_17 said, you unfortunately have a corrupt replay.

Has happened to me before, so I understand the pain :(

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ok thank you

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The issue here is not a corrupt replay :)

If you get disconnected permanently from a session due to violations, the replay stops since the session is terminated.


oh then maybe i should make a suggestion to make it replay the entire flight in features

How would it replay a flight that you never flew past that point that you were system reported? Have the autopilot fly the rest of the flight? It’s not possible, and it’s basically saying you can fly without a pilot at the helm.

Solved above

I know it’s solved, trying to respond to the idea that it can keep going.

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He landed the plane, he was just disconnected from the server. I guess that’s why he was wondering why the replay stopped

But still, it’s for a live replay, not a solo replay. PM please, Kennedy.

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Well, he was today years old when he found that out