After 'exit runway' the Roger response keeps blinking orange

As an ATC you know you need to respond a Pilot request because you have an orange blinking light which blinks besides the Pilot. When you have no orange blinking lights, then you know as ATC that you don’t have to respond to something. Go get some tea, and a cookie…

Now… after a Pilot does his landing on your airport, I (as the Tower ATC) instruct the Pilot to ‘exit runway …etc…’, after which the Pilots responds: Roger. After this Roger, my orange light starts blinking as if I need to respond to this Pilot. But I don’t.

So would it not be a good idea (for a future update in IF) to address this? Or do we think it’s important that the Tower ATC gets a blinking orange light after this Roger?

*UPDATE: as I pilot I noticed that a Roger response from Tower also results in my little headset to keep blinking orange. *

Looking forward to thoughts on this.


I will add this to my list. Good feedback!


Tyler, as far as I know, any “Roger” response from the pilot will cause the flight strip to blink. It’s not really necessary


Quite annoying. Or even things that don’t need a response, the headset icon blinks during unnecessary times as well.

Very annoying indeed


Just got this again while flying. Just a simple “roger” command by ATC after reporting my position and the icon lit up like a Christmas tree.

iPad Air
iOS 10.1.1
IF version