After doing a flight with the new and improved 777-300ER what's different

Other then graphics and the missing Qatar one world livery nothing much the travel distance like for example 100,000lbs barley last you 4 hours yet on the 200ER variant that number last you 8-9 hours I thought the 777-300ER was supposed to be another feul efficient aircraft isn’t that why airlines are getting rid of aircraft like the 747-400 which apparently the 777-300ER has the same fuel like before please update it and some of you are probably gonna be like well did you do your step climbing i was doing KEWR-KLAX on a flight like one of those why should I have to step climb when it has 100k lb of fuel which should be enough for a flight KEWR-KLAX and return so lemme get this straight airlines are getting rid of the 747-400s for a fuel efficient aircraft that is not even more fuel efficient and I know some of you are also gonna be like well it’s a sim and the update is not done yet that is why it’s in beta testing where we let the devs know what needs to be updated well here is an update they could do make the 777-300ER 777-200LR/F more fuel efficient please

If devs did things exactly to what you are saying, it would take at least a few more months which I’m sure, you’d rather have the update. Please read An Important Conversation for the developers point of view

Hey pilotcharles! If you have an issue with the beta then post in #open-beta.

If you took a look in the #open-beta category you would see that this is something that has been brought up. The aircraft go through rigorous testing, a phase that is being gone through right now. Perhaps they may fix this as they have fixed countless issues through beta. In addition, the devs can not fix all of these small things. Somethings, as Deer noted, aren’t going to be fixed because they are already optimal.

Edit: the post @xsrvmy is talking about is linked below! ;)

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The is a community tutorial about the most efficient cruise altitudes for the 777W for 20.2. Take a look at that.


I tried reading this in one breath and I failed. I was lucky to get through 2 ½ lines. Not a single period indicating when I should breath. If you could have added a few periods and some punctuation marks, it would’ve made for some more efficient reading… but anyways…

A few years ago, the 777 did receive some small tweaks. The reason the fuel burn/efficiency is similar to what you likely saw in 20.1 is because these numbers were already accurate. These number may have been adjusted ever so slightly, but not by much. Just because something doesn’t change, doesn’t mean it wasn’t looked at or addressed. Dangerous assumption on your part there.

If you have actual data and documentation (engine fuel burn performance numbers) that proves that your information is more correct than the data that Infinite Flight has, I’m sure they’d be willing to look at your information. But typing out a 1 sentence statement about how the 777 isn’t fuel efficient without providing any factual information does no good and only appears as a rant.



Every 777 can fly for longer than the game tells you. Some of them can even fly up to 50% longer than the game tells you. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but this isn’t Infinite Flight’s fault and you’re likely just doing something wrong as a pilot. I made a tutorial for picking cruise altitudes, it’s been linked above by Jarrett.


I flew KEWR-VABB with the 777-200ER and used 94,000 in 14 hours.

As Andrew said,

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