After an emergency landing @RJBE

  1. Behind the scene: A tired aircraft at RJBE which was landed on an emergency situation on his route to RJTT. Aircraft gets ready and starts its journey and succesfully landed to RJTT.

  2. Expert server, 14.12.2022, 14.00Z, RJBE - RJTT


I ❤️ Kansai airport


Reason for emergency landing?

I didn’t think about reason. I guess a sick passenger.😵‍💫🤧🥵🤮😵🥴

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Sick passengers can be treated on board, medical emergency??

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It must be. I am hired after first flight. Other pilots must know the main reason. I called them but they didn’t answer to my phone. They must be asleep after hard journey.😴

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