After 36 Years of Flying, Congratulations Captain | MXP-JFK

Hello All,

I am proud to announce that Captain Steve L. from American Airlines has concluded his final flight with the airline after 36 years of flying. Since his first days with American Airlines, he has flown the 757 Series, the 767 Series, and the 777 Series.

This fantastic flight from Milan to New York (JFK) (AA199 (AAL199) American Airlines Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware) with the American Airlines 777-200ER was a blast, and am honored to have been apart of this monumental part of an aviators journey.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci

I am with pleasure to provide you all with some highlights from the flight, and I hope this story lives to show how aviation is such a beautiful thing, and how many lives it changes every day.

  1. Departing Milan Airport early this morning on our historic journey.

  1. Beginning our initial descent into Kennedy Airport with a fellow aircraft off our left wing.

  1. The Water Salute.

  1. The American Airlines Team, and the PAFD (Port Authority Fire Department) saluting, and waving at our aircraft. Sorry about the timing and quality, I sorta caught the event a little late here, and didn’t get the line of Port Authority Fire Fighters on the other side of the aircraft.

Hid my face with yellow for privacy concerns. This was my little interview as a 17 year old with a 36 year veteran aviator.

I have never had such an honor of flying with more than a three-decade veteran pilot with one of my favorite airlines in current operation. Thank for Steve for bringing us home to the Red, White, and Blue. We wish you the best on your journey ahead. Aviation is such a beautiful thing, and I can’t thank you more Steve for being able to join you on this historic journey. :)

Fun fact, at American Airlines it is a tradition that the Chief Pilot must cut the tie of said pilot retiring. It is a symbolic meaning that pilots are bound to there airline and there job by there tie, and when they cut it, they are moving on.

Let’s hear some love for Steve down below, and let’s hear it to all you commercial pilots out there! 🥂


Wow that’s awesome to be apart of that


It was an experience of a lifetime to see someone else’s heart being changed by the skies, and what humanity has build over the last century. :)

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It changed my life forever

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That’s awesome!

Thanks for sharing captain Steve’s story with us :)

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Nice flight!! :D

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no worries at all! Hope you enjoyed.

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36 years of dedication🫡🫡🫡

Yeah, lotta years…

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My dad cut his tie after returning from JetBlue after being a flight attendant with them for 21 years

JetBlue is a very nice domestic carrier.

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I wish the captian good luck on the rest of his journey

Thank you, I’ll make sure to let him know when I talk to him next :)

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