After 21.1 comes out are you going to continue flying to airports without buildings or only to airports with buildings?

Underrated comment. Made me laugh!

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Without for quite some time. I’ll let the bugs get worked out and the less skilled, “just here for something shiny” pilots get it out their system and out of the way. Eager to see them, though!

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Well, I hope all airports have buildings where I will be flying from and to

Definitely a mix of both, I like buildings, but I like my flights to smaller cities more XD

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I’ll be flying in and out of both airports with and without buildings.

Weil, depends on which airports has buildings…

depends if EDDT and GCRR will get buildings

I will go anywhere just for a good flight, buildings or not.

Depends on what airports get buildings and how many airports get buildings. If KCLT gets buildings, then I’m not gonna be flying anywhere else for at least 2 months 😂

On my 6S it doesn’t matter to me because I won’t have buildings turned on anyways, but on the rare occasions I fly on my 12 I’ll be checking out the new content.

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Will try first, route to airport with buildings for quite awhile then back to normal flights :)

Ill fly all routes with or without buildings as long as i keep building my hours.

Definitely not quitting non-building flying 😂 I’ll enjoy the new textures and features which completely makes up for buildings!

It be all the airports that have buildings then Idk something will happen after that

Well we already know we are getting a handful of airports in V1 so once we play around with that, we should venture off to explore new places while we wait for more places to be added when they do that.

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Nothing will change for me. I like seeing the whole world!

Currently I do not fly into any airports that have publicly received buildings, maybe on the release day I’ll check them out, but no, I can’t see myself going out of my way to fly to an airport with buildings.

i love long haul flights and i tend to leave from larger hub cities, especially big international destinations, so wouldn’t be shocked if I took off quite frequently from airports with buildings.

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I would do it the other way round

This week the atc schedule for expert server will be all the airports with terminals I am guessing