After 10 months, I'm happy to be taking to the skies on Infinite Flight Pro again!

It has been a lengthy ten months since I last flew on infinite flight pro, but I must say, I am really glad to be back!
The photos that I took on this post was from an 8 hour flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur onboard a Malaysian Airlines 777-200. The livery on the MAS 772 genuinely looks clean and an overall nice livery.
This flight was operated as MH148, with a total flight time of 08 hours and 10 minutes.
All of the photos that I took in this post were taken whilst cruising above my home country, Australia, at a cruising altitude of 36,000ft. The red outback supplies a great background for photographing any aircraft in any livery. The other two photos with the teal water was taken whilst exiting Australia over the small town of Derby in Western Australia.
I hope you like them! :)


Nice shots!


Welcome back, good to see a fellow Australian on the IFC

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Welcome back to our army🤩

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