African routes you should definitely try on IF

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recently i started using IF again, after years of not really using it anymore i was so surprised to see so much has changed! one thing that i noticed that there’s even African 3d Airports which really made me happy. i noticed that there aren’t a lot of planes flying in the beautiful and interesting continent, which inspired me to the idea of flying some routes that airliners fly in real life. i wanted to share some ideas with everyone here and hopefully see each other more in the African continent! the routes are also recommended with a specific type of airplane/airliner.

Tunis-Carthage (Tunisia) - Abuja intl airport 3D (Nigeria) with Tunisair A319

Casablanca (Morocco) - Bamako (Mali) with Royal Air Maroc 737-800

Dzaoudzi (Mayotte) - Roland Garros 3D (Reunion Island) with Air Austral 787-8 or BCS3

Addis Ababa 3D (Ethiopia) - Nairobi (Kenya) with Ethiopian 787-8/777LR Kenya air 787-8

Kigali 3D (Rwanda) - Luanda 3D (Angola) with TAAG 777-200 Rwandair A330-300

Accra 3D (Ghana) - Conakry (Guinea) with Emirates 777-200LR/300

Monrovia (Liberia) - Accra 3D (Ghana) with Brussels Airlines A330-300 KLM A330-300/777-200ER/-300

Luanda 3D (Angola) - Windhoek (Namibia) with TAAG 737-700 / KLM A330-300/777-200ER/-300

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl (Mauritius) - Johannesburg Intl 3D (South Africa) with Air Mauritius A330-900/A350-900

Harare Intl (Zimbabwe) - Kigali 3D (Rwanda) with Air Zimbabwe A320/Rwandair 737-700

Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) - Nairobi (Kenya) with Air Tanzania BCS3

Tripoli Intl (Libya) - N’djamena (Niger) with Libyan Airlines A320

Djibouti Ambouli (Djibouti) - Aden Adde Intl Airport (Somalia) with Turkish 737-900ER

that’s it these are the routes i fly quite a lot.
i really hope that we’ll see a lot more planes flying in the continent of Africa!

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Captain Ibrahim

Do you know any routes in Africa? drop them below! let’s share some nice routes.


@Lotus @Udeme_Ekpo definitely

I’m from Cape Verde, flying there on IF is OK, some islands have nice mountains tho on IF !

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Wait Nairobi is 3D?

No it’s not

Btw check this, it’s interesting ^^ Flying to Every Single Country in Africa


I really love these suggestions. I’m going to have to try some of them at some point. Flying in Africa is so underrrated. I’m pretty sure Nairobi isn’t 3D, though I wish!

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Hey @elitespeed00

I hope you will try them very soon!
Sorry for my misinformation about the Nairobi 3D airport!

Kind regards,

Captain Ibrahim

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These are some nice routes indeed! I’d add in pretty much every route I flew on my topic linked above as recommendations. Plus some more Southwest and Northeast African routes!

I really do hope that Nairobi, along with many other African airports gets a 3D makeover soon.

(P.S. N’djamena is in Chad, not Niger)

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Some great routes there. I’m always on the lookout for African routes. Bookmarked this for later!

Hi Lotus,

Thanks for your comment!
I will do some more routes in Africa soon!
Sorry for my mistake about “N’Djamena”

Kind regards,

Captain Ibrahim.

Fly high, Fly safe

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