African Region

South Africa , zimbabe and kenya should be added those are one of the best airports in Africa with zimbabwe having the longest runway in Africa


Airports, not runways. Welcome to the forums :)


That region would be too big for a phone to handle.

It would be perfect

I don’t think so because i believe the devs are working on this right now @tkfantiso5 your dreams are valid hopefully before this year ends you might have this HOPEFULLY…am well represented in that ;)

That doesn’t sound good

It can be done, it just won’t be real framey.

Its best if it stays that way…and btw am from kenya so we are in this together.I just don’t want you to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen

From where

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It wouldnt really, new smart phones/tablets have at least 2gb of ram (if not more), and better processors.

That’s almost the size of the eastern side of the US and Newfoundland.

Its possible to do, like in games on console certain regions load up.

Matt flew from Hawaii to (almost) San Francisco, I guess the phones can support it. Maybe its because there was mainly water sorrounding everything.

It’s probably because there’s nothing but blue tiles until the next region.

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One of the devs would know the answer.

South Africa Livery and another Liveries on IF are happy with this IDEA. :-)
Soon 787 Ethiopian Airlines and another Africa liveries hope to see on IF.

I agree. We have like every territory except Africa.

Don’t forget Asia.Middle east.south america.

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Ya and dubai

Isn’t dubai part of middle east