African Liveries

hey everyone, this topic was created for the purpose of changing Africa. Where did I get this idea to create this topic? it’s just the fact that I’ve noticed that most of the time we fly more with European, American, etc. airlines, but hardly ever with African airlines. so what I would like us to do is vote for this post. and allow new African airlines to emerge and expand flights across this continent. one airline in particular that I would like to see is that of a large country in Africa, Cameroon. with its airline Camair-Co.2010-15409-en-trois-mois-l-etat-du-cameroun-a-injecte-plus-de-16-milliards-de-fcfa-dans-la-compagnie-aerienne-camair-co_L air-journal_camair-co


Hey there, welcome to the community. This should be a #features request, but you have to be TL2 to post in it. I suggest you keep on liking, you’ll get there! Alternatively, you can vote for the thread posted by a forum member. Check out the links below:

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Hey, mate! Welcome to the community! This sure is a beautiful livery, and you’re right; we don’t branch out to other counties enough.

Sometimes, having the livery in-game helps boost popularity. While there isn’t a #features request for this livery on the 767, if you are interested, you can vote for the 737-700 livery in the thread below. Alternatively, you can use the reply above as a guide to creating a feature request for when you reach TL2.

Have a good one!


Really like this idea, Africa is a lot more beautiful than America when your at the right place and you have an amazing selection of airports with different approaches and difficulties. Also this livery hits something else would be amazing to see this flying around with many more African liveries we can always hope 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Thank you @Zachary & @Kedz! 🙏🏼