African Express Airways Embraer 120 Crashed

2020 - “The Worst Year in Aviation”

A few hours ago, an African Express Airways Embraer 120 was shot down at 20,000 feet.

This E-120 registered as 5Y-AXO was flying from Mogadishu to Baidoa carrying medical supplies for COVID-19 as well as mosquito nets.

Some sources report that Ethiopian forces used a rocket-propelled grenade and shot down the aircraft because they weren’t expecting flights today.

All 6 people on board, which includes a pilot, copilot, flight engineer and a trainee pilot, and two employees for the airline died in the crash.

One of the pilots is reportedly the son of African Express Airways’ owner.




This Embraer 120 used to belong to Delta Connection until it retired the aircraft in the early 2000’s.

Once again, another sad day in aviation. Weeks ago another aircraft carrying medical supplies crashed on takeoff, killing all onboard.

Condolences to the people onboard and those that are affected.


2020- The worst year in aviation


Really really sad to hear 😢
Damn what is going on in 2020 …

Domestic flight in Somalia and shot down by Ethiopia?

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Wow that’s horrible. Prayers to the families who lost a love one🙏

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wow this sucks to hear

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This sucks man!!

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Think about those who needed those supplies, it’s a huge loss on both ends

Haha… no.

Remember the Ukraine Airlines 737 that was shot down? That was January 2020. Feels like it’s been forever, right?


Oh, shoot. It does feel like it’s been ages, but ya, that was definitely in 2020. Well darn, that sucks…

January already feels like ages ago and we are not even half way done yet 😭

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Not even a joke, 2020 - I’m out. I’m done with this year’s aviation.

It’s just too ridiculous nowadays.

Once again I’m out to all the victims…

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Pray for the victims 🙏🙏

Rest in peace to all those onboard! This year has been terrible

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Jesus Christ. Thoughts and prayers to the crew, passengers, and their friends and family.

This is really sad, this is happening to often, really sad day.

Yeah. Ever since Somalia’s last effective government collapsed in the '80s because of a failed invasion of Ethiopia, the UN, the United States, and Ethiopia have, at some point or another, sent forces into the country to protect their interests or fulfil a mandate there. If memory serves me right, the African Union sent in peacekeepers (including Ethiopian troops) in 2007 or so, and they’re still there today. This event is incredibly tragic and very much avoidable; my heart goes out to those affected…


Spotted this plane quite a few times in NBO. Never thought that it would have such a sad fate. RIP to the departed 🙏🏾

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Thats super scary and super shocking

Rest In Peace and send prayers for victims and their families

Such a shame. Thoughts to those involved and their friends and families.

We need to owe the previous years an apology for what we said about them. This is an awful year that people are struggling to cope with.

Not expecting flights? Just leave it be! It could be doing something heroic which is a key player in stopping Malaria and COVID.