African Airports in Global Flight

As I learnt of the upcoming advent of global flight, I couldn’t help but think that once again African regions may be ignored. I would not be surprised at all if some members on this forum are not even aware that there are airports here in Africa. It’s about time the developers create greater inclusion for a true global flight.


African airports won´t be forgotten I assure you.

Yeah I want me Lagos International airport.


I think most or at least half of us know that there are African Airports. Even so, the airport editing team won’t ever forget that region if there is global flight.


Hello, if you don’t mind, go to the airport request thread. We will not forget.


Hello, and welcome to the forum. As you might know, the term global means around the world, if you want your airports included, join the IFAE. They are the ones making all the airports. Thanks! And happy landings.

Can you give link to that topic.

Also, you can request as @Furtive_masstwofourf said.

Here is the link:

Every airport in here will be included:


Thanks I’ll get my thought of Nigeria heard.

Just two of many major African airports. (Accra in Ghana and Lagos in Nigeria)


African airports will be added. The link below from an airport developer’s site, that should clear things up

Lufthansa flies FRA-JNB with a B748 (LH572)every day…
…so how could I forget?? ;)

Yay ok thanks for info and I think Delta uses there A330 to go there.
And Arik Air is a Nigerian carrier but never new there fleet.

I assure you there will be Afrian airports in Infinite Flight

Happy landings!

Ok thanks for that I’ll like it when it does come out.

Why would African airports be ignored? Why do you think that the African airports would be ignored? There’s a well-known South African Airways. Even if African airports aren’t that popular, it’ll still be added…

A little off topic but from what I can see from your thread, it sounds like you feel that this is racism?

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No No it’s just that when people are talking about places in global flight Africa isn’t talked about as much and I just feel like when people do fly places like West or East African airports are talked about like Cairo in Egypt and Johannesburg/Tambo International Airport in South Africa.

Well get them. Hope for OR Tambo Intl. Cape Town and Durban.

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